Full Service Fleet Management and Leasing Companies


Says easy, does hard!  That pretty much sums up the duties of fleet administrators.  A lot of work must be done to develop vehicle specifications that are designed but not over designed for the intended application, sort through all of the supplier options, acquire and assign vehicles to qualified drivers, ensure that the vehicles are cost effectively fueled and maintained, and then replaced after they have served their useful life.  This is on top of the safety, training, and planning responsibilities that go along with the job.

Help is available, however.  Full service fleet management and leasing companies provide the full gamut of services required to establish and maintain fleet operations.  They are available to provide the whole array of services from vehicle acquisition to disposal and everything in between; or, their services are available a la carte.

Fleet management and leasing companies provide services to a broad cross-section of the U.S. commercial fleet market.  In addition to the purchasing power and economies of scale that are amassed from such large operations, they have systems in place and specialists on staff that would be hard to duplicate by a standalone fleet.