Hybrid-Hydraulic Retrofitters


Hybrid-hydraulic retrofitters refer to companies that provide parts or services for preexisting vehicles converting to hybrid-hydraulic technology. These companies do not manufacture the parts, but are simply third party vendors.

Hydraulic hybrid kits utilize hydraulic hardware to augment the conventional engine of a vehicle to reduce fuel consumption by recovering energy normally wasted when a vehicle is braking. This is similar to what is done with electric hybrids, except that hydraulic hybrids have the ability to store and release much larger amounts of power than most electric hybrids. This results in hydraulic hybrids having the capability to save larger amounts of fuel than electric hybrids when used on vehicles that undergo repeated stop/star operation. As hydraulic hybrids favor applications with high dynamic driving cycles they are being designed for use in commercial refuse trucks, city buses, and delivery vehicles.

Hybrid-hydraulic retrofitters provide fleet operators with a cost effective way to reduce fuel consumption by installing hydraulic hardware on a conventional gasoline or diesel vehicle. by recovering energy normally wasted when a vehicle is braking. With the large fuel savings of 20-40 percent and the dramatic reduction in brake wear, the systems can have payback periods between 2 and 3 years. Hydraulic hybrids have a 50 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, it is the most efficient and cost effective hybrid available for work trucks, and they are easy to maintain with no high voltage batteries to manage.[1]