All-Electric Trucks, Vans and Buses


All-electric technology is not just the province of small vehicles; it has growing application in trucks, vans, and buses.  The technology is particularly well suited for vehicles operating out of a home base or following a fixed route, such as delivery trucks, passenger vans and buses.

Today, a number of manufacturers provide all electric delivery trucks and passenger vans.  All electric vehicles are well suite for these applications since daily routes are either fixed or within the range that can be traveled on a fresh charge.  Large buses, such as those used at municipalities, military bases, and airports are also in use.

More than two-thirds of fleets operate locally.  The percentages are even higher in the government, service, and retail segments.  Many of these fleets operate in congested urban areas where quiet, zero tailpipe emission vehicles are desirable; and lower maintenance associated with stop and go driving represents a measurable cost savings.  With current battery technology, these large electric vehicles are capable of achieving speeds of 65 MPH or more and a driving range of 120 miles.  Advances in battery and vehicle technology could significantly expand the market for all-electric trucks, vans, and buses.