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The LeanGreenFleet website includes supplier profiles that provide granular data on the technologies covered in each research topic.  Posting the study on the LeanGreenFleet website provides a unique opportunity to link these supplier profiles to their respective research topics.  These links provide fleets access to detailed supplier data on their technologies, including: presentations, white papers, press releases, and a ‘contact us’ mechanism for requesting information, proposals and quotations.  As a subscription option, suppliers are able to share this research with their fleet customers.

For fleet operators, the LeanGreenFleet website provides simple tools designed to help sort through the myriad of new technologies that could be adopted in order to focus on the few things they should be adopting.  The primary tool for evaluating advanced technologies is a fuel cost and GHG calculator, base in the GREET model developed by the Argonne National Laboratory.[1]  Here, fleet operators enter data on their fleet vehicles, fuels, and current technologies; and receive an analysis on their GHG emissions and fuel cost per mile.  They are then able to test different technologies in ‘what if’ scenarios to determine their impact on both GHG emissions and fuel cost per mile.  These tools enable fleets to develop a short list of technologies for further evaluation using research from the LeanGreenFleet website.

This is a effective way to identify cost reduction strategies that are environmentally friendly because right sizing the fleet by retiring gas guzzlers in favor of smaller displacement, more fuel efficient vehicles directly impacts fuel consumption, and hence emissions.  In a similar manner, aerodynamics, light weight vehicle materials, telematics, low rolling resistance tires, idle reduction strategies, fuel card networks, and low viscosity lubricants also reduce fuel usage and GHG emissions. 

The GHG calculator also provides a direct benefit to suppliers.  Through a subscription option, suppliers have access to the report center where they can analyze the adoption rate of advanced technologies.  This report center also contains tools to segment the market in order to identify high usage fleet characteristics and underserved market segments.

The information available through the LeanGreenFleet website includes:

·           Research this is the primary website content providing up-to-date analysis on economic, technical, and legislative issues surrounding the environmental impact of fleet operations and the economic viability of available solutions.  Topics are organized according to the outline described above.

·           Suppliers –research topics contains links to their associated technology suppliers.  Here, more detailed information can be found on products and services provided; including ‘contact us’ functionality for requesting proposals and quotations.

·           Resources – research topics also contain links to resources describing best practices, such as white papers and case histories.

·           Newsthis tab contains links to more research, news, and blog postings.  These links are organized by research topic.

[1] Argonne National Laboratory, GREET Model,, (May 20, 2013).