Side Collision Warning System


Side collision warning systems monitor the lanes adjacent to a vehicle to detect moving and stationary objects located within the side blind spots.  These systems work at varying speeds, such as when a driver is navigating turns, merging into highway traffic, or making lane changes in congested highway traffic.  Certain systems currently on the market can detect objects within a 120 degree field of view or a monitoring area of approximately 13 feet by 8 feet to the side of the vehicle.  Currently available side collision warning systems utilize ultrasonic or radar detection technology.

Side collision warning systems provide visual and/or audible alerts to warn drivers when objects are detected.  Some systems indicate the distance from a detected object on a digital display installed either in or on the dashboard. Other systems provide visual indicators or lights on the vehicle mirrors when an object is detected alongside the vehicle. Visual alerts can be used in combination with audible alerts that vary in tone and frequency as the vehicle moves closer to an object.  Side collision warning systems range in cost from approximately $760 to $2,000.  This is dependant on the type of system purchased, its installation costs, and whether or not it will be integrated with other collision warning systems.[1]

[1] U.S. Department of Transportation, Side Collision Warning Systems,, (May 21, 2013)